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In 2016 Kristina has established an online shop of interior accessories and served customers from all over the world. Couple of years later she understood she wants to develop her passion to interior décor into something bigger. As a graduated psychologist, she knew that Indoor spaces can have a major effect on the overall well-being, health and safety of the occupants and without a proper education there is no way to become a real professional. 

Kristina finished her Interior Design education and established KFantazy. She gathered a team of professionals from General contractors to Woodworkers, Architectural technologists and Cabinet makers so you can have a piece of mind. 

I know how stressful a renovation process can be. Let me guide you through. From design concept to completion. Your home is who you are and we are here to show this in the most aesthetical way. I will help to solidify your vision and keep in constant contact until your dream is realized.” 

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Space & Layout Planning​

Fundamental element of the design process. We make sure every inch of your house is planned to fully open up it’s potential

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Design of a custom cabinetry that will fit perfectly in your space. You don’t have to make a choice of making it aesthetically pleasing or functional. We guarantee to make both work.

Residential Design & Decor

Selection of color Scheme, materials and finishes, accessories based on your personal preferences and within your budget

3D Space Modeling​

Photorealistic 3D rendering of your space. See selected lighting in action, understand volumes of the furniture and it’s layout


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Let us show what a real home looks like