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Welcome to KFantazy Interior Design, where every space is transformed into a work of art that reflects the unique style and personality of its owner. Allow us to introduce our founder and lead designer, Kristina Abramova.

Kristina’s passion for the art of interior design stemmed from her diverse background in psychology and entrepreneurial ventures. After graduating in psychology, Kristina launched an online shop of interior accessories. Her love for the art and science of design gradually grew and led her to pursue a formal education in interior design from a renowned school in Montreal, where she honed her craft and developed her unique style.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Kristina delivers personalized design solutions that showcase her clients’ unique vision and lifestyle. Her ability to seamlessly blend contemporary and timeless design elements results in elevated spaces that exude beauty, comfort, and functionality.

Kristina’s design philosophy is centered on the belief that every home and business should tell a story and evoke emotions. Her approach is collaborative and involves a deep understanding of clients’ desires, lifestyles, and personalities, which she translates into unique and inviting interiors.

Experience the transformative power of exceptional interior design with KFantazy Interior Design.  

Our services

Residential Design & Decor

Selection of color Scheme, materials and finishes, accessories based on your personal preferences and within your budget

Space & Layout Planning​

Fundamental element of the design process. We make sure every inch of your house is planned to fully open up it’s potential

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Design of a custom cabinetry that will fit perfectly in your space. You don’t have to make a choice of making it aesthetically pleasing or functional. We guarantee to make both work.

Commercial Design Services

Elevate your commercial space with our expert interior design service.

Architectural Services

Comprehensive architectural services. Whether it's an extension, a second storey, or a new home build, we handle it all. From city permits to construction blueprints and exterior design, we've got you covered

3D Space Modeling

Photorealistic 3D rendering of your space. See selected
lighting in action, understand volumes of the
furniture and it’s layout


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