Our Portfolio

Entrance decor

Welcoming entrance with warm colors and inviting atmosphere

Urban apartment

Modern apartment in the heart of Montreal

Full House Projects

The Mysterious Forest

All shades of white and black met in this project. Once you step into the living room, you see a real haze shrouded mysterious forest.  You move further and see dramatic contrasts throughout the house. This place won’t leave you indifferent 


White Bathroom Project

White and wood colors are dominant in this bathroom, however the focal point that catches the eye right away is a blue futuristic pendant lights that create an incredible ambient lighting that helps to relax in bathtub in the end of the day

Black&Gold Bathroom

This Small bathroom is full of rich colors. Small details will make you look at it over and over

Master Bathroom Renovation

Total makeover of an old-fashioned bathroom. Large window opened a breathtaking view to absorb the beauty of the nature while relaxing in the bubble bath. Will you recognize it on the “Before” picture?


White Kitchen Project

How to make a small kitchen look larger? Bring in more light! White cabinets, floors and additional lighting fixtures did the job.

Also, we have designed custom made shelves with growing lights, so the owners will have their private all year round garden.


Black and white

Black&White. Simple and elegant. Dramatic, but not overwhelming thanks to a correct use of a contrasting color.

Unique lighting fixtures complete the look.

Kid's Bedroom

Non obvious color combination for a kid’s bedroom. Mustard colors create a feeling of a warmth and coziness

Other Projects

Photo-realistic 3D

We produce photo-realistic 3D renderings of your place to show how it will look after renovation process is over

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